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MEEET / Mood Elevation - Exercise Euphoric Training

Mr.  Aboulafia with over 30 years in the  field of psychotherapy has  developed an exercise program which elevates  mood and  enhances self  esteem.   It's  a  combination of integrating exercise in a timed  as  well as measured intensities to best lift endorphin levels. No  other  program specifically  targets exercising to lift endorphin levels this  precisely.   It's  a powerful method  that relies on the  bodies  own capacity to lift and  energize one's mood.   Mr. Aboulafia's clients have found it, in addition to their psychotherapy,  a powerful aid  in reducing  anxiety, depression and lifting  their overall mood  for the ultimate goal of increasing one's enjoyment of life.  Typical  results are improved sleep patterns and effectiveness of sleep, greater sense of energy, improved  stability of  mood, a greater sense of  joy and enthusiasm for work, friendships, relationships and for personal interests.