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Resolving Weight Issues

If we could only address the psychological resistance to exercise and monitoring ones caloric intake one would  completely  resolve  their battle with their weight:  These are without question the biggest roadblocks to a healthy body weight and to ensuring  healthy weight  exercise balance.   


Psychotherapy with out question can address the demotivating emotional roadblocks which sabotage the will to do what is best for oneself.  With my 32 years of helping people,  I  have  observed  it is  the failure to succeed in this so vitally important part of ones life, concerns one's emotional disenchantment and pessimism around feeling one does not have  the potential to succeed in this area:  The  fear  of  failure.  Psychotherapy is the route  to removing the  emotional  roadblocks to losing weight by  building  confidence and belief one can manage  and  discover  a life style which will enable a healthy balance between  eating and  exercise.  This  balance  will  then  become an acceptable and normal part of your life.