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Why Don't Children Listen

To assure our children's emotional health, development and success, our most powerful tool resides in our alliance with them.

It is most certainly the case that children who have formed a secure alliance will become emotionally healthy, successful and happy adults. There is no question the alliance formed with our children is the absolute root toward achieving such an important end.


Matthew Aboulafia R-CSW teacher, lecturer, psychoanalyst, and parent/child relationship expert, will help you help your children and yourself by capitalizing on the parent/child alliance.

Discover through private consultations, couples counseling, and workshops:



 What is the alliance?

The role the alliance plays in helping children to listen.

How parents can make mistakes in trying to form the alliance, and      consequently become  the too kind, too giving,   overindulgent parent.

Techniques that can be used to develop the alliance.

The effect of parent/child power struggles on the alliance.

Stopping disruptive behaviors by building self esteem.

How your children can be cooperative independent children once they have formed a healthy parent/child alliance.